PB326Stable front lifting care bed with well- proven technology.
With its beach colored wooden parts, the open fronts and the silver colored, powdered metal pieces, this care bed blends in naturally with any room ambience. The open fronts with the metal frame and hand rail are easy and quick to clean.

To avoid any sort of squeezing hazard there are side rail end caps at the ends of the side rails that minimize the space between side rails and wooden fronts in a way that prevent accidental squeezing.

This bed complies to the highest standards. Its 4-sectional lying surface is individually adjustable with 2 independent motors. Furthermore the adjustment of the foot part is assisted by 2 ratchets.  For the standard version of the bed, the lying area with wooden sprung slats and durability adjuster comes with a surface area of 90 cm x 200 cm. It can also be ordered in 80 cm x 200 cm or at a length of 220 cm. For a t surcharge an easy to clean metal mesh lying area can be ordered.

Products will be delivered using transport-racks (at a maximum of 2 beds per palette) The beds have been partly preassembled and can be easily setup by a single person. The 4-sectional lying surface is electrically adjustable between 40 cm and 80 cm (upper end of the lying area). All electronic components have been manufactured according to latest research and are in accordance with all valid safety requirements and standards. Every single adjustment option of the bed is comfortably controllable by using the splash-proof manual control switch and any single function can be individually locked.

General Information:

Save work load: 175 kg
Max. User weight: 135 kg
Total weight: 87,1 kg
Heaviest single part: Frontenteil mit Haube Fußteil 17,2 kg
Dimensions: Length: 216 cm, Width: 104 cm
Back part length: 80 cm
Heading adjustability: 70°
Foot adjustability: 20°
Height under mattress support: 22 cm
Caster size: 100 mm always with brake.

PB. 326 full fills all valid safety requirements and standards according to EU guidelines 93/42/EWG for devices, complies medical with the CE mark of conformity.


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