Elbur Home Care Beds

There are many good reasons that speak for ELBUR's care beds. High class quality and many years of experience in the field of variable care bed development and construction. ELBUR care beds are not just high class quality products. Even the basic versions are equipped with many expedient and useful details.

It is our concern to provide care beds in line with all possible needs and demands. Our wide range of products offers our customers the highest convenience in design and functionality.

For this matter ELBUR home care beds generally come with telescopic side rails that can be lowered and slid directly onto each other so that they do not pose any hindrance for entering or exiting the bed. The standard side rail end caps   minimize the gaps between side bars and side rails in a way that eliminates the hazard of accidental squeezing and therefore also complies with the latest standards.

All electronic components used comply with all valid safety standards regarding 220 Volts and 27 Volts.

In addition to its wide range of products ELBUR offers a multiplicity of custom-made products. Regarding scissor lifting beds there are hardly any limitations in length or width of the lying area. ELBUR can offer lying area dimensions from 70 cm to 140 cm in width and from 170 cm to 220 cm in length.

In addition, ELBUR offers a broad range of useful extra options such as central locking systems, side bar protection and padding as well as side bar elevations and other handy options.

ELBUR products are designed to offer the best possible use for the patient but also make the beds easy to handle for nursing staff. This is for instance depicted in the simple assembly of ELBUR beds.

Even though ELBUR beds are subject to ongoing enhancements and further development in accordance with the latest research, a backward compatibility will always be guaranteed. This also applies to the supply of replacement parts.

ELBUR manufactures its care beds in Europe using the latest technologies, which guarantee the variety of products in this convincing quality.

We would be very pleased if we could arouse your interest and will provide you with detailed overview of our product range of which you can gather all the technical information to choose the optimal care bed for your individual needs as well as any extras and additional furniture

Sincerely yours ELBUR-TEAM